Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Beachified in Malapascua Island!

My summer started early this year with my CamSur Adventure where I got to try wake boarding for the first time. I wanted another thing off my bucket list and this time its diving, so my next stop? Malapascua Island in Cebu:)

How to get there:

From airport, you can take a cab to the Northern Bus Terminal (approx P200 for metered taxis) then you can take a bus to Maya port (P170) or rent a van for P2000. Travel time is approximately 4-4.5 hrs for bus and 3 hrs if you rent a van.

From Maya port, there are boats waiting for passengers going to the island for P80. Travel time is about 30-45 minutes.

Malapascua Island

We checked in at Purple Snapper, and got our rooms for P2400 for 2pax/night. The resort has a pool and its own restaurant. The place was great but thing is, its not located in front of the beach so you still have to walk for like 3 minutes to get to the beachfront.

resort pool


                                     Purple Snapper Resort
One thing that I noticed about the island is that it is full of foreigners, probably because the island was endorsed in LonelyPlanet and very famous among divers because you can actually dive here to see thresher sharks up close.

When it comes to food, there are a lot of restaurants within the island. You can try Ging-Ging's Restaurant if you're on a budget like us.

I didn't like this place because it took them an hour to serve the food. The food was okay but not great, but as I have said, this is one of the cheapest restaurants in the island.

After lunch, we spent the rest of day at the beach drinking.

oh no were not drunk YET

Mojitos+Lime=Drunk and Happy

 Our resort offers Discover Scuba Diving for P2800. We managed to find another dive shop, just beside Ging-Ging's Restaurant and offered it for P2500. For licensed divers, fun dive is for P1200. I wanted to see thresher sharks but sadly, the activity is strictly for licensed divers only. They have other sites to visit for fun dives to see soft corals and so we scheduled our dive the next day.

Day 2 started with our "island hopping". With quotes because I actually thought were going to visit other islands nearby but its more of visiting different sites to snorkel. Rate for island hopping is P250/head with three sites to visit.

We saw a local kid playing with these. These were actually baby sharks that they caught, white tail sharks, if I'm not mistaken.

Our diving was scheduled at about 2:30pm. We just ate brunch at the resort and enjoyed the pool while waiting.

back dive
 I decided to eat before the dive because we were informed that its really tiring, but don't eat too much before the dive because you might puke underwater specially for first timers like us.

Bacon cheeseburger melt burger @purple snapper P295

Diving at Malapascua


 Diving was fun and it was a different experience. I'm thinking to get a license someday.
You can check what happenned to my dive and check Under the sea at Malapascua Island

After the dive we went for a walk to look for a place to eat for dinner. I heard Angelina's is a good restaurant that serves Italian food. Watcha say? Italian? Its time for pizza and pasta!

Angelina's is quite far from the resort, about a 15 minute walk or so, but was worth it.

tagliatelle asparagi e gamberetti P310

raviola al pamodoro P315

penne al arrabiata P305

calzone P410

super angelina P425

After our sumptuous meal, we rode a "habal-habal" (single motorbike) going back to the resort. You can actually ride these motorbikes for P10.00 and tour around the island.

Since its also my birthday, we decided to drink a bit beside the pool while waiting for midnight. Then, just when the clock is about to hit 12:00am, they surprised me with my birthday cake.

blue berry cheesecake that they bought @Exotic Resort I super loved the cake! I really appreciate it! Love you guys! Mwah.

We woke up early the next day to eat breakfast and to swim at the beach again before we leave. I didn't want to go home yet!

Unfortunately some good things has to come to an end and so after taking some pictures we prepared to leave the island. The boat going back to Maya port will only leave the island with at least 10 passengers so instead of paying P80.00, we paid P1000 for the whole trip so we wouldn't have to wait for other passengers. We also decided to take a van going back to the city. We got the van for P2000 from Maya port to Mactan airport.

The past three days were days spent in paradise. Thanks again Bro for the opportunity to travel:) Oh well, got to get back to work and save for the next trip.See yah!

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