Monday, March 1, 2010

Clark Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010

one of my dreams is to ride a hot air balloon, but since its expensive, well just have to save for that one for now.

and today i got to see a lot of hot air balloons, kites and everything flies. yey! im with my lakwatsera buddies joyjoy and tin.

Hot air Balloon festival happens every year, every Febuary at Clark,  Pampanga.
They have different activities, everyone can fly kites, they have kiosks and food booths. The main event would be the display of hot air balloons, if you wouldnt be able to catch it by 5-6am, then you can catch it later like 6-7pm like we did.

Since we have a lot of time to kill, we went to SM Clark to have lunch.

serah and tina nagiikot@sm clark

when we went back to the festival at arounf 4pm. We bought food,pillows,  and a blanket.

wow kite
may blanket na din kami! haha!

If you dont have a car, it would be best to leave the place earlier, festivals ends @8-9pm. Because its not easy to take a ride to the bus terminal. Plus the terminal there came from other terminals already so they just have a few seats available.