Friday, June 12, 2009

he said he's leaving, i accepted that.

before he left, everything was okay. He made me feel things will be alright. He'll visit, he'll call.
I thought everything's going to be okay. Things are not going to be easy, i knew that. But I was willing to
make the sacrifices just to make it work.

and then, just a month after he left he says he doesn't want to make the relationship deeper because things will be just
hard for the both of us. How selfish is that?

my heart yells: OUCH!

so what does that mean?
what he feels for me and the times that we shared together are all LIES.

"the truth didn't hurt, the lies did"

And whats worse, he didn't even let me know that he's leaving now, FOR GOOD. He left me hanging, waiting.




and he said he did not guarantee anything? well guess what? that's bs.

why did you have to kill me? I can die on my own.