Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Greenbelt Zen Garden

Greenbelt's Zen garden is one place where you can take nice pictures within the city. Looveee the photos! I love my new canon 1000D!


haaayy..i looveee the picturesÜ

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beach Lovin at Anawangin

 Pundakit Zambales I think is one of the great beaches that you can go just a few hours away from Manila. Travel time is 3-4 hours, you can either bring your own car or take a bus to Olongapo.

Its not really my first time to go there since my first time was 2009 with my emoteam. I loved the place and I recommended it as a perfect place for our team building.

We stayed at Nora's, they have videoke, billards, air-conditioned and non-airconditioned rooms depending on your budget. I decided to get non aircon rooms because usually we dont sleep in team buildings and if we do, its only just for a few hours.

Here's one room, we got one room with shower for Php 3500 with like 6 beds and  4 fans. (not bad huh?)

shores of pundakit

 Island Hopping 
The bangka would cost around Php 1000-1500 for 5 pax (beware for bankeros na overpricing) That would be for 3 islands, ANAWANGIN, CAMARA, and CAPONES. Another great destination is the Nagsasa Island, if youre interested to visit this island the bagkero would ask you probably an additional P500

The Islands
Camara island- nothing special, if your saving time, you can skip this island.hehe
Capones- I liked capones island because of the rock formations that is so picture peeerrrffect!
Theres also a lighthouse at the top of the hill, but you need to hike to go there.
Anawangin- White sand, pine trees, and the swamp. A lot of campers stay here and set up their tents.

*tip-from Pundakit, bring a lot of food or drinks because the prices in the island is more expensive since they transport the goods from Pundakit.

swamp @Anawangin

cozy anawangin

island view

The beaches in Anawangin and Nagsasa became so popular for the past years and I just hope that the government would do its best to protect them.