Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ang isda.bow

inaaliw ang sarili sa mga maling isda

may mga isda sa aquarium. Langoy ng langoy, inaaliw nila ko dahil mabait sila, hindi matakaw at hindi tumatakas.

Pero wala sa aquarium ang paborito kong isda.

Nasa dagat. Ayaw na nya kasi sa aquarium ko, gusto nya maging malaya. Lumangoy kasama ng ibang isda, tsaka ng nanay at tatay nyang isda.

Pero nakakamiss din ang isdang yun paminsan minsan.

Monday, September 27, 2010

a new tattoo -urbandub w/lyrics

My New Tats

yesterday, 092610 i got my very first tattoo=)

 ........my first and hopefully last btw..hahah

i was super nervous and i said , "Malakas ang pain ko sa tolerance!" haha.bulol
here it is:

Ive been thinking what made me do it, i mean this is something that would last forever e.And i think its because:

1.hip tats would look sexy with a bikini.haha
2.i was really curious if tattoos are really painful. Going through this made me feel like i can do anything.:D

its so cutteeee....colorful and ..well this is so me.hahaha
closer look:

not as painful as i expected, pero kailangan ng matinding concentration, at..madaming yosi=)..hahahah

Friday, September 17, 2010

Perming at Tony and Jackey

Perming at Tony and Jackey at Market! Market!


Since this is gonna be my first time to have my hair permed, we decided to take before and after pictures. The whole process could take up to 4-5hrs.

Our stylist is Edwin (in the photo below). For my hair, The upper half part will be rebonded and the rest will be permed.

For Sarah:
Aqua Setting (korean medicine)  1500
Loreal Perming Package             5500

keratin treatment
hair manicure

Ivy will have her hair rebonded


This is the end product.(yeah it didnt looked that curly but the curls loosens eventually)
In my case the curls looked really good after 4-5 days.

Ivy, my friend wanted her hair rebonded and since her hair is short, Edwin suggested to have it volume rebonded (i think its additional P1,000). Rebonding is P4000 plus volume rebond P1000.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lez Go Coron!

Coron Palawan has the most beautiful beach Ive ever been to, so go ahead and pack your bags=)

Three days, two nights. One trip you'll never forget.

We stayed at Amphibi-ko Resorts. The place was nice and the people are very accommodating. We opted to get a complete package inclusive of rooms, trip, airport transfers and breakfasts. Package that we got was for P4,000/pax.

Island Hopping
We went to Kayangan Lake, Siete Picados, twin Lagoon, Skeleton Ship Wreck and Maniquit hotspring.

Siete Picados

Kayangan Lake

kayangan lake

twin lagoon


I tried back diving in coron.uyeah!
Barracuda Lake

Day 2.

Barracuda Lake
 The beach. Malcapuya Island. My favorite island, the sand is so white and the water is so clear.Love it=)

ps:if youre going for a package that is inclusive of trips, make sure to request to go to the Malcapuya Island, they will surely ask for additional fees but its worth it