Monday, January 16, 2012

Not Your Ordinary Cup of Tea

Milk teas are so in the market today.Instead of having coffee in the middle of the day while catching up with friends, you can try Serenitea.

After a few hours of overtime, I decided to chill a little bit with my friends Kat and Odie @burgos circle, The Fort. Talk about self rewarding after a hard day's work.

On the Menu
Milk Teas ~P80.00-P110.00
Grass Jelly Milk Tea~P110-P115
Fresh Brewed Tea~P65.00-P80.00
Tea Latte~ P80.00-P110.00

you can also choose from their different sinkers like crystals, pearls and others.

Kat's Nagoya Milk Tea P110.00

Kat and Odie

Yakult Milk tea for me

Yakult Milk Tea P100.00

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Reminiscin 2011 Travels

My first trip for 2011 (not actually a trip, but hey I was out of Manila, right? haha) For every problem, for every heartache, or even just catching up, tagaytay is the quick fix to cool you down.

sah, joy and tin

PAMPANGA~CLARK hot air balloon festival
The festival of everything that flies, from kites, planes and balloons. Its also a good opportunity for photographers to take pictures. I would love to ride a hot air balloon but when I learned its more than P5,000 for 30 minutes, I thought, wtf?!?

Bantayan Cebu didnt impress me much, to be honest. Maybe because the beach wasn't that perfect because of the weather but I loved the Ogtong cave, the "DO NOT ENTER" sign didnt stop me from taking a dip.

Ogtong Cave, Bantayan Cebu

Bantayan Island, Cebu

Sta Fe Resort Bantayan Cebu
When I try to recall our trip to Bohol, the first thing that comes to mind are the ferry trips (from Cebu) I learned to always have chips in your bag, always be ready with a gum and charge your batteries cause you'll need your phone to kill boredom.


chocolate hills

With my false sickness, I was able to attend this festival. hehe Its just a one day festival but it was so tiring!


lucban longganisa

I loved the mangoes we bought from Guimaras, they were really sweet. What I cant forget is the Costa Aguada Resort, not because I liked it there but because I wouldnt go back there anymore or even recommend it to friends.haha

guimaras mango

From Guimaras, we went back to Ilo-Ilo to experience the joys of city living once again. I soooOOo loved the Butterscotch from Biscocho house and Afriques Pizza!

Westown Hotel

Six star hotel and resort baby! Well what more can I say? 


wind surfing

White water rafting is so cool! Everyone should try it. It would be so much fun it the raft would over turn believe me.

Visiting white island is the best part of the Camiguin trip. Its serves true to its name. White sand beach and clear waters!


Katibawasan Falls
My last trip for the year, it was just a quick tripand I got to visit 2 islands! haha