Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pasto, Italian Cafe

My love for pizza and pasta makes me want to check out every resto that offers it and find out where the best pizza and pasta can be found. I cant help it. May it be red sauce or cream based, I'm always craving for them.

So one day with a lot of catching up to do with my friends, we went to one Italian restaurant in Paseo Center, Ayala Makati.

I took a picture of the menu (at least part of it) so you can check other food that they serve aside from what were having.

 Pasta ranges from Php 200-300. Pizzas are also from Php 200-300. Here's what we ordered.

best seller PASTA CREMOSO P255


 The Verdict:

I loved everything that we ordered. I love the Pasta Cremoso score: 9/10 and I know that I would be thinking about this restaurant when I crave for cream based pasta. Though Im not a fan of seafood pastas, I also liked the seafood marinara score: 8/10. The pizza is above average for me with a score of  7/10.

I definitely recommend this restaurant and I would come back soon to check other food on the menu.

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