Thursday, March 1, 2012

Camsur Adventure

Caramoan, isolated from the rest of Camarines Sur, though has been famous because of Survivor is still unexploited from commercial tourism.

From Manila, we took a plane bound to Naga. Departure supposedly was 6:30am but Cebu Pacific called me a day before the flight to inform me that the flight was moved to 9:30am.Crap.

The original plan was to take a van to Sabang from SM Naga, but since the flight was delayed, we had to take a cab from the airport instead or else we'll miss the last boat trip to Caramoan.

From airport, we took a cab, you can contact Kuya Bebot 09177649080 or 09298377045. The rate from airport to Sabang is usually P1500 but we haggled it down to P1000. Each cab can accommodate max 6pax and the trip is about 1.5 hours to Sabang Port.


Trips to Sabang-Caramoan starts 7:00am-2:00pm for P120.00 each. We reached Sabang at about 12:00 pm and just ate in a carinderia near the port for lunch.

 Trip from Sabang to Caramoan is about 1.5-2 hours.

When we arrived at Caramoan, we took a tricycle to Rex Tourist Inn, 15-20 minutes from port,where we stayed. We got our room for P800/night with  ac/private bathroom/tv and cable.

We didnt have that much options when it comes to food in Caramoan. The cook in Rex Tourist inn wasnt available and so we have to check the other options outside. Just a few blocks away from the hotel, there are carinderias and small restaurants to eat.


Bicol Express
The next day, we prepared to go island hopping. We arranged a tricycle to pick us up from the hotel (back and forth to Paniman beach, P300). We contacted Kuya Ramil 09074351962 our boatman and arranged the island hopping for tomorrow.
Early morning, we had breakfast at Lutong Bahay, just a few blocks away from Rex. 
They serve home cooked meals at very cheap prices and opens very early too! (6:00 AM)

rough rode to Paniman beach

 It was a good 15-20 minute tricycle ride  from Rex tourist inn to Paniman beach where other hotels can be located as well. The rates for beach front accommodations are more expensive compared to what we got which is located at the centro. I personally don't recommend getting beachfront rooms because the beach there is not clear, you really have to go the islands for the clear waters.

Paniman Beach

Our Bangka
 Rates for island hopping is P1500 for short trips (approx 4 nearby islands) or P2500 for long trips (approx 4 island also that's quite far from Paniman). We wanted to visit as much islands as possible since we have all day. Short trip plus long trip, (8 islands in total) is usually charged for P3,000 but we haggled the price down to P2500.

We also asked Kuya Ramil to prepare lunch for us.( alimasag 1kl and rice) He said that a kilo would cost P300 and he'll cook our lunch for free.

All set, let's go island hopping!

Cotivas Island
Cotivas island was our first stop. There is an island fee of P50.00 each. The island is one of the spots where survivor was filmed (and the only island who charges, hehe) We tried to snorkel but we did not find any corals here.

Cotivas Island shores


 Second stop was Manlawi island, which is famous for its long sand bar. Sadly, it was high tide when we got there so the sand bar was knee length below waters.

sand bar below waters at Manlawi Island
 When we got to the third island, Sabitang Laya, the scenery changed. We started to see rock formations like the ones in Coron.

Sabitang Laya

 We just took some pictures, swam for a bit and took a lot of pictures again.hahaha Then we decided to move on to the next island where we will be taking our lunch.

Matukad Island

There are a lot of people when we got there.Looks like most tourists were having their lunch in the island. We prepared our food and ate our lunch.

steamed alimango

There is also a secret lagoon that can be found behind these rocks and you have to climb to get to the other side. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to climb cause I only have my slippers and the rock edges were too sharp.

We visited two more islands and decided to call it a day because we were so tired. When we got back to Paniman beach, we took a tricycle back to the hotel. We had dinner at Lutong Bahay because that's the closest to the inn.

We woke up early the next day to catch the earliest trip back to Sabang. We had "Pansit Bato", one of the common breakfasts that they have in the island. Tastes like the normal pancit canton but the texture of the noodles is different.

Pansit Bato

Caramoan Port
When we reached Sabang, there are vans there directly to SM Naga P90.00. We checked in at CBD Plaza Hotel, we got our room for P1300/night. The good thing is that the hotel is near SM Naga and in front of the bus terminal so the pasalubong shops are just across the street.

After we checked in, we left our things at the hotel and had lunch at SM Naga. I was pretty excited to go to CWC because I really wanted to try wakeboarding.

From the hotel, you can either ride a cab to CWC P300 or take a bus bound to Pili and ask the driver to drop you off to CWC then take a tricycle, P50.00 for special trips.

Flop move.Right leg stretched

We went back to Manila the next day. We just took a tricycle to the airport to save, trike to airport from SM Naga P150.00

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