Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stopover: Tacsiyapo in Gerona Tarlac

On our way back to Manila from Baguio, I was pretty excited for our stopover dinner (or should I say breakfast? Its 1:00am and we havent had dinner) because it would be my first time to go to Isdaan in Gerona Tarlac and  I have been hearing a lot of stories about their tacsiyapo wall that I have planned to visit a long a time ago when my heart was broken.haha

The place is really interesting because they have a lot of statues from buddha, monkeys, past presidents and security guards. Aside from that, they also offer different attractions like free fish if you sing the karaoke, feeding fishes, bands , dancers and the famous tacsiyapo wall.

The place was huge and they have nipa huts suspended over a pond full of Koi fishes. After taking a few  pictures, I have decided to just stay at the hut because I was so hungry. Unfortunately, we called the waiters numerous times but to no avail.

All of them were busy serving other tables and it took them 30 minutes just TO GET THE ORDER. I dont know, maybe they have limited staff during that time because it was already 1am, but wth? Bad service is bad service and I don't care what time it is!

They served the food 30-45 minutes after the order was taken. We ordered Ginataang Alimasag (they serve it per 100g), Sinigang na hipon and Spicy shrimps.

It was expensive! 1kg of alimasag (crabs) would cost over P1,000, the taste is average and if I went to Tarlac just for this, I would be disappointed. Good thing this was just a stopover.
waiting and waiting and waiting for the food
Then after eating, I went to check out the tacsiyapo wall. If you're mad, angry, brokenhearted or whatever, you can release all your anger here.



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  2. I heard about this but i haven't visited yet. Oh it will cost some bucks to release your anger. But I think to some it will be worth it. hehe..

    1. enjoy yun tacsiyapo pero i didnt like the service..thanks for the comments!

  3. I want to try bragging this wall :)

    1. yep..its fun specially pag galit ka.labasan ng sama ng loob:) hahaha

  4. I've been seeing that famous wall on television. Perfect for venting out your disappointments and frustrations :)

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