Monday, October 31, 2011

Sizzlin Pepper Steak

Let me start with....I love beef. Caldereta is one of my favorites. I also love food on sizzling plates. Its hot and it sizzles.hehe. That's probably the reason why I love Sizzlin Pepper Steak.

Straight from Pangasinan, you can view my Pangasinan adventure here, I went to Glorietta to have dinner with high school friends (a promise is a promise). The master mind of the eat out-movie date was not there (Kevin) so there's only the three of us Madel, Ken and I.

Sizzlin Pepper Steak Glorietta5


 On thing about Sizzling Pepper Steak is that if you need the waiters, you just need to turn this thing to moooove...and turn it to stop after.



Beef Pepper Steak P230 w/ iced tea

my favorite=)

yogurt P155

It was a nice dinner indeed. Nice food, good friends and old stories. I miss my high school friends and I'm so glad were still like this after the years.

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