Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dampa Pigout

Pig outs are best done with a large group of people. We wanted to eat seafood and where is best place to get that here in Manila? Dampa!

Find a large group of friends to pig out with

We went to Dampa at Diosdano Macapagal Avenue in Pasay City. You have lots of restaurants to choose from and you can also look for private rooms with videoke just like what we did that we got for 500/hr/17pax (not bad)

The concept of Dampa is to go to the wet market and shop for seafood. Then, you can choose among the restaurants so they can cook the food for you with a charge.

videoke while waiting for the food

the food, the pigout begins!

We ordered buttered shrimp, crab in chili garlic sauce, calamares, baked tahong and sinigang sa miso. Prices at the market ranges from 200-400 depending on the seafood. The paluto prices are on per kilo/dish.

buttered shrimp

baked tahong


crab in garlic and chili sauce

with cebu friends

sinigang sa miso

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