Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hundred Islands

Ive been all over the country for the past year but its a surprise, I realized this is my first time to hundred islands, in Alaminos Pangasinan.

Its was never planned, out of the blue the boyfriend, asked me to go with him and his friends at 3:00am. Yeah. I'm still at the office taking calls. I just said that ill take the first bus to Pangasinan after log out.

I guess i didn't know what I was thinking (5 hour bus ride alone, damn it) ahahhaha
I took a bus to Dagupan from Victory Liner at Pasay (P275)

Victory Liner Bus

Dagupan, here I come!
It was a long...long...and uhm well, long drive. Since I'm not a fan of road trips (if-you-can take-it-by-plane-then-take-it-by-plane motto) I was so bored and I wasn't able to sleep. The bus left the terminal at 10:20am and I arrived at SM Rosales by 4:00pm where they picked me up to go to his friend's place.
Just ate late lunch real quick, and off we go to Alaminos (which is ANOTHER 2 hour drive) which means I spent my whole day on the road!
We passed by some fish vendors by the road and bought dinner, the fish were cheaper here (I think). We got a kilo of tuna for P120, a small pale full of oyster P120.00 and half a kilo of squids. 

whats for dinner?

Since its already late, we decided to get one of the transient homes near the road  and will go island hoping early the next day. We got a place for P2000, has 2 bedrooms (with one matrimonial and 2 single beds for each room) with a/c, 2 bathrooms, a living room, kitchen w/ref and a dining area, quite cheap actually cause the place is huge complete with kitchen utensils and all.

Boyfriend cooked dinner and we had a few drinks after. I was sooo tired since I came from work  plus, lets not forget the 5hour bus ride!

Early morning I woke up, cooked breakfast and off we go=)

a morning is not a morning without caffeine
fried eggs

There are a lot of transient homes available there that ranges from P2000-P2500. We decided to get a more spacious place near the road vs just one room near the shore for the same price.

transient homes available

boat parking

boat P1200

 Its just a half day island hopping since we have to go back to Manila before 8pm. It was a 20minute boat ride from dock to the islands.

a few of the 100 islands

 We decided to stay on a buoy in the middle of the water to swim and snorkel (snorkels available for P100 each, and life vests P50 each)


in the boat

buoy where we stayed


john may phobia sa water

he did it!

nice view @Lopez Island

out of the 100 islands, I got to visit...2! ahahha.. it was a quick trip cause we need to head back to Manila after lunch. Going home, the trip took 4 hours by car via sctex.

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