Sunday, October 30, 2011

Afrique's Pizza Ilo-Ilo

Afriques Pizza, located in Ilo-Ilo, is one of the best pizzas Ive ever tasted. Branches are only located in Ilo-Ilo (sadly), I just hope they would open a branch in Manila cause the food is really good, so good that I wouldn't mind going back to Ilo-Ilo just to satisfy my pizza craving=)

  • Jaro:
    Address: 107 Castilla St. Jaro, Iloilo
    Telephone No.: +63 33 3200554
  • Hotel Del Rio:
    Address: MH del Pilar St, Hotel del Rio
    Telephone No.: +63 33 3381270
  • Robinsons Place:
    Address: Ledesma Wing, Iloilo City
    Telephone No.:
  • Smallville:
    Address: Red Square Bldg., Iloilo City
    Telephone No.: +63 33 5094900
  • Valeria:
    Address: No. 3 Valeria Street, Iloilo City
    (Besides Atrium Mall; in front of PNB)
    Telephone No.: +63 33 5096092

Carbonara P130.00
Spicy Sausage Ragu P145.00
Afriques Special P245.00

Pepperoni P260.00

happy me with the pepperoni
 Aside from their famous pizza's and pastas, the restaurant also serves steaks, salads and burgers.

Another thing that caught our attention is when the waiter offered to give us "extra hot" hotsauce, he gave us a small plate with a drop of red sauce. He warned us to just use the tip of our forks and spread some on our food.

 And so, I obliged. With the tip of my fork, I dabbed a dot of the hotsauce on my pizza and....he's not kidding! It is really extra hot.The good thing about it is that its spicy, but it doesn't linger on your mouth, that after a few seconds you will want some more!

Filled with curiosity, we asked the brand name cause Ill definitely buy that in Manila. Then the waiter showed us the bottle.


Battle of the sauces

Marlon beyond
The Verdict:
Best pizza ever! The crust is super thin and crunchy. I think they are using different kinds of cheeses because the peperroni pizza tasted so good. I'm thinking to go back to Ilo-Ilo just to eat their pizza.hahaha
You can visit the restaurant's website here. And to the management and owners of Afriques, please, please, up a resto here in Manila cause I miss Afriques Pizza!

PS. preferably in Makati, Taguig or Paranaque. Thanks!

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