Monday, November 22, 2010

Exploring Pagudpod

Second day started @La Playa Tropical Resort you can check the post here.

infinity pool

after breakfast, were off to Pagudpod=)

First stop is a light house in Ilocos Norte.The Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, also known as Burgos Lighthouse, is a cultural heritage structure in Burgos established during the Spanish Colonial times.

next stop: the famous Bangui Mills. I've always wanted to go here and take pictures! Your Ilocos trip would'nt be complete with the wind mills.

We had lunch at Blue Lagoon, our driver brought us to a nearby low priced eating place where drivers and backpackers eat. This is where we were scheduled to go swimming at the beach. (at long last!) Unfortunately, since we were running out of time and we still have visit other places, we just took some pictures and left.

waiting for lunch

Fish that we ordered

Last stop for the day is the Kaibigan Falls, a famouns tourist destination. If you want to see the falls, prepare to hike. It was like a 45 minute or more hike from the place we parked the van.
I cant believe it. I was wearing a dress! I didnt know this trip involves hiking and obviously, I wasnt prepared.

The view was nice, no doubt about that. But too bad we only stayed there for 30 minutes cause its already nightfall and they dont have lights so we have to hurry back to the van.

the day ended sa APO Beach Resort, you can check their website here. Unfortunately their pool was still under construction at that time.We went swimming at the beach for a few minutes but the waves were too strong so we just sat at the sand, and they dont have lights at the beachfront


resort's restaurant
Room rates 2011

After checking out the beach, we decided to end the day because we were so tired and sleepy plus we also have to prepare for our trip tomorrow to Vigan.

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