Saturday, November 20, 2010


Ilocos trip Travel dates:  November 20-22 2010.


we got our tickets @Php 2300 round trip to Ilocos since were saving time. Another way to go there from Manila is by land, 10-12 hrs.

boarding passes
 From the airport, we were fetched by our contact and tour guide.We immediately looked for a place to have lunch since were already starving.We went to La Preciosa @Laoag


crispy dinuguan

after lunch, the tour officially started. I wasnt too happy going on tour (hahah) because Ive been dying to see the beach since we landed and here we are touring the city (okay let's just charge it to experience)

Mt Sarrat Church

Fort Ilocandia

After the tour, we checked in at Playa Tropical Resort. It was a  Balinese inspired resort, it was so nice and I definitely loved their infinity pool.

nice view..sooo relaxing

resort villas

We were so tired when we arrived at the resort but that didint stop me from taking qucik dip. Then in the morning, we decided to wake up early to watch the sunset. Wehad breakfast at the resort, price ranges from P200-P250 per meal. After  breakfast, off we go to outr next destination. Pagudpod!

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